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is to me as I come out and I take a moment to admire the sight of you, so tall and handsome. Turning at the sound of my approach, I can tell by the look in your eyes that I’ve achieved the desired effect with my little lace ensemble. The naked desire on your face suddenly makes everything alright and I don’t want to wait another minute to satisfy those urges that have brought me so far just to be with you. I smile and walk slowly toward you…reaching out a hand and putting it on your chest, with gentle pressure I push you toward the bed. Looking in my eyes, you can’t tear your gaze away. You feel the bed hit the back of your legs and you sit down. As you watch with an appreciative smile, I teasingly unzip my sexy little black dress and slowly let it fall to the floor, leaving me standing before you in the lacy pink lingerie you had admired in the pics I had sent you…your sharp intake of breath lets me know you like what you see. Then it’s your turn…I pull your jacket off, dropping it on the floor, and then pull your t-shirt up over your head. Pushing you horizontal, I straddle your legs, slipping my bra straps down first one shoulder, then the other. One finger searches under the lacy material to find my nipples, while with my other hand I reach around to undo the clasp. No longer imprisoned in their lacy cages, my breasts burst free, my large pink nipples erect and my skin covered in goose bumps. Leaning forward, my heavy breasts hang over your face and I oh so slowly move them lower as you raise your head toward them, your mouth watering with the need to take my nipples between your teeth, trapping them there, while your tongue rubs the tip…but I move them just out of your reach. ”Uh-uh...all in good time” I whisper, making you lay back, your cock straining at the material of your jeans, waiting impatiently to be set free. My gorgeous breasts begin their downward journey once again…inch by inch they come closer to your waiting mouth. They fill your vision and you can hardly wait but you don’t dare move in case I deny you again…finally, a nipple
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