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My Kind of Fighting
just as much as you do when she cuts you down. Damnit, when she hurts you I want to punch her in the bloody face, and you know it. So if you want to take your anger out on me for being late because she treats you like dirt, go ahead. Kick my arse, scream, beat me up...I don't bloody care..." he said his teeth clenched, his grip strong, but his love for her never wavering. Kayla was shocked that he'd grabbed her so forcefully, but it didnít hurt. He'd never hurt her and she knew that. But it still shocked her that he put a hand on her while angry. That wasn't like him. And what made it even more odd was she wasn't scared. She was completely turned on. There was something about the fire in his eyes that seemed to spark her own desire and instead of spiting words back into his face, she grabbed his black hair in her hands, pushed him against the nearest wall and kissed him. Hard. It wasn't what he expected, but it was a welcomed reaction. His hands were all over her, as he both pushed back and pulled her closer, kissing her back just as hard, just as angry, just as greedily. He always took his life into his own hands so to speak, because he knew of her past relationship, and that would never EVER be okay with him. But when she threw a tantrum, whether or not it was warranted, something happened to him and he felt he had to step up and turn her rage into something else...and sex always seemed to get her some how. She trapped his head between her arms, fully aware that while she was tall, almost six feet in her stocking feet, she was not strong, and Gavin could easily over power her if he'd wanted to. Instead of trying to overpower him, she just kissed him harder, dropping her arms about his neck and threading her hands into the hair at the back of his neck. Her tongue licked into his mouth roaming along the warm familiar space. The feel of his tongue tangled with hers defused her anger, giving her frustration a different and in many ways better outlet. Sure, she knew that this would make them far later than they were already,
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