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that made all men stare. Elizabeth however saved her best faces for him, her cheeky smile when she was feeling playful, and her mischievous grin when she was up to something made James fall in love with her all over again. James made his way over to the bed and pulled at his tie to loosen it. He slid his shoes off and started to undo the buttons of his shirt, all the time admiring the wisps of Elizabeth's blonde hair shimmering in the moonlight. He pulled his trousers, socks and boxers off, and slid in-between the cool covers naked. He set his alarm for the morning and bent over to kiss Elizabeth goodnight on the forehead. As was there little tradition at the same time he reached under to pinch her bum as an affectionate good night touch. He kissed her forehead, noticing that it was much warmer than usual, and that she was still breathing slightly heavier than normal. He wondered what she was dreaming about as his hand reached under for her bum. He reached out but instead of feeling the usual cotton of her bed shorts he felt something much softer, almost silk like. James didn't think Elizabeth had any silk pyjamas and she always said how much they made her itch. His fingertips lightly touching the seam and he traced it downwards following the line of a semicircle which ended between her soft bum cheeks. It was a silk thong he thought. At the same time Elizabeth let out a low deep moan and shifted her body slightly sideways, freeing up her left hand underneath her body between her and James. James was about to forget about the thong and put it down to him making a tired mistake. He reached to join hands with his lover when Elizabeth's hand went straight passed his and reached between his legs. Elizabeth at the same time turned over so that she was on her back and pulled James in close to kiss her. Her kiss was warm and passionate, not a hint of sleep or tiredness in it. She slipped her wet tongue into James' mouth, flicking at his tongue playfully with hers as she gripped his soft cock. With her other hand she pulled James' hand down her slender torso, over her sexy belly bar and into
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