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social situations and she was destined to a be loner. Kelly found herself spending her evenings in a club, nursing a drink and day-dreaming of sex with any number of men. It was when she was sitting in the Blue Moon Club, alone, drinking a Moscow Mule by the fireplace when a young man came and sat down beside her. She ignored him! “I see you’re alone. May I join you?” the young man asked. “No. I just came in for this drink and then I’ll be going. I prefer to drink alone.” “You come in every night and drink your drink. . . .alone!” “I like it that way. I hate men.” “Ya! I thought so. By the way, my name is Bert.” “Good bye Bert.” “Hey! Not so fast! I told you my name, now it’s only proper you tell me yours.” “Name’s Alfretta.” Kelly lied. “Why did you lie to me Kelly? I’d hoped we could become friends.” “How’d you find out?” Kelly responded. “Name’s on your key ring.” Bert said, “Are you afraid of me?” “That’s none of your business. Good Bye,” Kelly spoke but something in her manner seemed to indicate that she would like to continue the conversation. “It’s OK if you’re afraid of me because, you see, I’m afraid of you too. Now, reach out and touch me and see my reaction! She doubted his statement. . .sounded like a line to her and yet the idea intrigued her. Perhaps he was . . . .without thinking she reached out and gently touched Bert’s arm and was startled by his reaction. His shortness of breath and tense features told her that Bert was indeed afraid. “Do it again,” Bert said and hold it there for just a minute. See if I can overcome whatever it is that’s my problem. As they continued to work on Bert’s problem, Kelly found herself touching and caressing but all to no avail. Then, it struck her. . . she had been touching and caressing a man. . . there had been no fear! She wondered, “Could she have somehow overcome her problem?” She arose, turned and touched a man standing close by and felt only a mild aversion. It was inadvertently touching Bert that had cured her of her dreaded aversion to men. She returned and sat down beside him and reached out to touch Bert as she had before. This time, she saw fear
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