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easy flowing conversation. During that time the “secret” was revealed that Moyra was quietly terrified to be alone in the apartment and she wanted me to stay for the whole night, but just for the company as she insisted. Could I possibly refuse her direct request? Absolutely not! There was no doubt for one second... I could do nothing - but to stay overnight with her. Just before midnight we decided not to have the specially prepared fruit and meringue dessert that waited for us in the kitchen. Neither of us was feeling hungry, despite the dessert being one of my personal favorite treats! Moyra had mentioned suffering from some stress and tension…. so I offered to massage her neck and back, just as I had often done while at work as she sat upright in her typist’s chair facing the computer screen. But, this time she quickly turned down the overhead lights, spread soft cushions on the lounge carpet and left the room to fetch a bottle of soothing baby oil. She lay face down on a fluffy towel and lifted up the back of her blouse. It was a very pleasant surprise to me that she was not wearing a bra! However, she did not flaunt her bared breasts and instead she acted rather coyly. My gentle, but firm massage strokes soothed and relaxed her within half an hour. She offered to return the gift and massaged my neck and back in a slightly clumsy manner...with some sincere apologies from her. At that point we just cuddled closely, but the cushions and the lounge carpet became a little hard and uncomfortable. So she took me through to her double bed in almost total blackness and we cuddled up again in soft comfort. She made it clear in a few words that she was not bringing me to her bed for sex! But... the cuddling led to even more passionate kisses and hugs. Then my hand brushed across her flat stomach. That was obviously rather pleasurable for her as she made a low growl deep in her throat. And so my hand moved slightly higher and it brushed lightly over her firm breasts and her erect nipples. Both of us enjoyed the closeness and I paid more attention to all caresses and motions that stimulated her pert nipples. She sat up, paused
Download Hot February Night with Moyra
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