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A class act
of hair behind her ear. “And, Rebecca, please adjust the Venetian blinds. We don’t want any juniors peeping in through the window.” John rose to his feet and slowly removed his T-shirt. A year ago he would have felt embarrassed at the idea of standing naked in front of a roomful of schoolgirls but now, at nineteen, he positively relished the prospect of exposing himself to them. The bulge at the front of his shorts was very prominent and he could see several of the girls looking at it and giggling behind their hands. “Louise, Sarah, Lucy, will you please behave!” Miss James hissed severely. “This is a serious sex education class and if you can’t behave sensibly you’ll have to leave the room.” Her admonition was sufficient to restore order to the classroom and the twelve teenagers sat demurely at their desks, waiting and watching. John slowly slid the zipper of his shorts down, noting how the room’s acoustics seemed to magnify the sound. Next he unbuttoned the waistband and let the shorts drop to the floor, leaving himself naked except for a pair of white underpants whose front protruded alarmingly, the fabric stretched tight by the outward pressure of the penis within. Miss James beckoned the young man forward and he moved closer to her, realizing that she wanted to have the privilege of removing the last, flimsy garment. The teacher’s hands moved to the elastic waistband and began pulling it downwards, lifting the front free as she did so in order to release the distended penis trapped inside. John heard a collective intake of breath as the schoolgirls got their first sight of his manhood jutting out proudly from the base of his belly. The organ in question responded to their attention by swelling even more fiercely. “Now, girls, you remember I showed you those pictures yesterday and told you how a man’s organ expands and goes all stiff when he is aroused?” Miss James asked. “Well, John is sexually excited and that’s precisely what’s happened to his penis. Now, who can tell me why a man’s penis needs to be stiff?” “So that he can put it inside the woman’s body easily, Miss James,” chirped a voice from the back of the class. “Yes, well done, Charlotte,” the teacher replied. “So that the man can insert it deep into the woman’s vagina and squirt his seed onto the neck of her womb. In a little while John and I
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