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The Librarian
I had been going to the same library for several years and had taken notice of the tall flat-chested librarian. At 5'6", I have always been attracted to taller women. Unlike most guys, I get really turned on my women with small tits. The librarian, Kari, tended to wear loose fitting tops. It was kind of hard to tell, but it appeared that she might be totally flat up there. Believe me, I spent a lot of time checking her out. After two years of fantasizing, I finally got the courage to ask her out. I was a little surprised when she asked me if this was a joke. I assured her that I was serious. She apologized and said that she rarely gets attention from men "for obvious reasons" that she couldn't talk about in the library. After the library closed, we went out to dinner. At the restaurant, Kari told me she had pretty much given up on men because of her height (5'11") and her flat chest. I confessed that those are the things that attracted me to her. After dinner, she agreed to go to my apartment. Once we were alone, she turned into an animal, kissing me passionately. She said it had been years since she "had" a man and she asked if I would be interested in her that way. I began to remove her top but she protested saying that made her too nervous. I assured her that I would be fine with her tits, but she insisted and instead removed her pants AND panties. Wasting no time, I dived between her legs and ate her wet pussy. She groaned and then screamed as I first licked then sucked on her erect clit. After about ten minutes of intense pussy eating, I stood up and got undressed. Kari gasped when she saw my hard cock. I told her I wished I was bigger (I am only about five inches). She said it even looked too big and intimidating. Kari had me lie down, then started stroking my cock. She apologized for her uneven stroking and said that she didn't have much experience in that area. I said she was doing fine. After a few minutes I told her I was ready to burst. She stood my dick up and inserted it into her wet pussy. I was so turned on as I
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