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"It was Saturday evening and I was home alone completing an assignment. I had chosen to do that instead of going out on the town with the guys because I also had to start work in the hotel at 6 in the morning. Mum and Dad had gone away for the weekend and wouldn’t be back until tomorrow night. Sally, my elder sister by two years was going out to party with her friends and left a half an hour ago to pick them up. Anyway, Sally had only just moved back in home after almost a year away with her then boyfriend, but after a mutual breakup, came back home. Of course Mum welcomed her back with open arms as most parents would, even though they constantly said that they had ‘got rid’ of one, only one more to go, meaning me. Our home is one of those large two storey ones, really too big for our family, with four bedrooms upstairs, two of them each sharing a bathroom in between, and a large suite style bedroom downstairs for Mum and Dad, quite separate from the rest of the house. Although I loved the house, I always wondered why we had one so big because Mum always complained about the cleaning. We did have uncles, aunts and associated cousins stay occasionally, usually at Christmas, but it was too big most of the time. Years ago, Mum gave Sally and me a bedroom that shared a bathroom, with a sliding lockable door in between so that the other two bedrooms and bathroom were largely left untouched. When Sally moved back in a month ago, she just moved into her regular bedroom and never thought to change, not that Mum would have it anyway. This Saturday, I had played football in the afternoon, my first start in the run-on the senior side, a feat that I was feeling really good about and at 20 years old, was pretty comfortable with my progress. The game went well, but it didn’t look like we would have too many more games this season as we were unlikely to make the finals in two weeks time. Sitting in front of my computer, I had just finished having a quick look at my favourite fantasy site, but decided to keep going with the assignment when I heard Sally
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