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Sexy Louise and The Naughty Boy
Due to lack of sexual excitement with my fiancée Duncan, our relationship ended a few weeks ago. My name's Louise, I'm an attractive blonde, 29 years old, 5'8 with 32dd large breasts but those arent even my best feature, best by far is my big curvy backside, my girlfriends are always complimenting my ass. Anyway, I'm used to describing myself like this because I've been chatting with guys online a lot recently. I tend to be constantly horny so my online chats are almost always to do with sex. There was one guy in particular, Ahmed, a 28 year old student. I never usually go for Asian guys but this one was very filthy and persistent and he turned me on to be honest. Whenever I was online there he was, He was desperate to come to my flat and kept on telling me he 'loved me' and how he wanted to rip my clothes off, spank my bare backside and "lick my bumhole for hours". I'll be honest, I've never had my asshole licked before so I'd be lying if I said I wasn't a little bit curious to experience that. Just for a bit of fun I eventually agreed for Ahmed to visit my flat. I even told him I'd answer the door wearing nothing but a towel. This was all a bit risky as we've never met before but I really didn't care, I was just gagging for some action again, it'd been months since I last had sex. Ahmed was due to arrive at 6pm, So I had time for a nice hot shower I dried and straightened my hair, I expected the door any minute so I put on my favourite sexy red thong and red high heels, and then wrapped a towel around my body just in time for the knock on my door. I got up and looked through the peephole but could only see the top of Ahmed's head, quite short I thought but a shaven head which I like. So I opened the door, flicked my blonde hair back with my best pouting pose. But oh dear, I was stunned at the teenage boy I saw before me, Ahmed must've been 18, 19 years old at the very most!!! Before I could even speak, Ahmed stepped forward and pushed me back into my
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