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Room Service
“Room service!” I called loudly as I knocked on the door. I waited a minute balancing the tray in my left hand as I had now become so used to doing. I didn’t hear anything from inside the room so after double checking the room number was correct, I used my house key and opened the door a little before shouting ”Room Service!” once more. I hesitated but did not hear anything so I cautiously proceeded inside. Room 1512 was one of the hotel’s better suites, one with a generous sized sitting room adjacent to the bedroom, but still contained within one large area. The bathroom was cleverly concealed behind the bedroom so that it also had a great view of the city. I placed the tray on the small round table in the middle of the sitting room and lifted the lid to confirm the contents. Six freshly shucked oysters with a piece of lemon. Exactly as ordered by Mrs Johnson. Also on the tray was a bottle of one of the hotel’s best champagnes, an ice bucket and two glasses, also as ordered. Mrs Johnson had apparently been very precise about the order and had insisted that I be the porter to bring it up. I can’t work out why, because she didn’t seem to be here. I placed the bottle in the ice bucket, checked the tray was neatly placed, looked around the room, turned and started to go out. “Stop!”, was the command from somewhere behind me. I turned quickly, thinking there was a drama. I saw standing in the frame of the bathroom door a very attractive auburn haired woman who I would guess was in her late thirties. She somehow seemed familiar but I really didn’t try too hard to search my mind exactly where or when I had seen her before, because she was standing there in one of the hotel’s large fluffy white bath robes, the ones that everyone loves to souvenir. The robe was open down the front so that it continued down through her generous cleavage almost to her navel. Her breasts were not exposed, but the look she presented and the thought of what lay under was so sexy and a huge turn on, I just stared. “You’re early!” she exclaimed in the same commanding voice. “You were supposed to bring
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