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My Kind of Fighting
They were fighting. They never fought. Not if Gavin could help it. He didn't like to fight. And he especially did not like to fight with his fiancÚ. But her mother was in town. She loved to cut her daughter Kayla down. It was like a hobby for her. And it pissed Gavin off something fierce. Of course, the pressure of having her mother around put Kayla on edge. It always did. That was why she was so upset that he'd been late. He'd been playing rugby with some of his mates, sort of a thrown together league as it were and afterwards he'd gone to a local bar to get drinks. It reminded him of being back in Ireland, when he and his mates would go to a pub after a rugby game. He'd lost track of time and she had been waiting, keeping her parents and his, waiting. And fuming. And waiting some more. And when he walked in the door he knew he'd be in a huge amount of hot water. A whole pool of it. Gavin was never late, so her anger would be displaced. She was actually mad at her mother and he knew that, which was why his being late was all the more hazardous. He'd been right that when he'd walked through the door they'd started fighting. He'd still had to shower and dress for dinner and Kayla wanted to argue and throw a fit. Heated words flew as he showered and dressed. She'd yelled, said she'd cancel their engagement. He'd thrown a fit at her taking her ring off. She'd accused him of being insensitive. She'd said that he was blinded by her mother's charm because he didn't haul off and yell at her when she insulted her own daughter. And now, their arguing was at that stage of irrationality that often ended in someone saying something they regretted. They were yelling at each other and making themselves even tardier than they'd been before. He was still sitting on the bed, tying his dress shoes in firm little angry knots. She'd walked over to him, standing at the foot of the bed, where he as sitting, her hands on her hips. Grabbing her arm, hard, but not hard enough to hurt, he pulled her too him, standing up. "Your mother hasn't blinded me to anything. You know I hurt
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