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Kelly Presson was a sharp lady. Her two degrees from the university had landed her a good job in a very upscale community in a resort area. She had moved into her nicely furnished, upscale apartment shortly after starting her new job; then, to match her upscale life style, she bought a new red mustang convertible. To say that Kelly was hot would convey the proper perspective on her being. With long, auburn hair, peachy complexion, blue eyes, nice figure she presented an imposing view to the eye of the occasional beholder. The outstanding quality of her professional work had to be the work of a near genius; yet, she had a flaw. . . a deep, dark secret! Since early childhood, Kelly had carried a deep seated fear of men. The mere touch of a man could bring an upset stomach or nervous tremors! It wasnít a problem at home as her family wasnít a close family. . . into lots of physical affection! It was when her doctor proceeded to examine her after puberty that she had her first trouble. When the doctor, during the course of her routine examination, touched her she resisted and after a few touches, the doctor realized the situation and had wanted to tell her family. It was only after considerable pleading that she convinced the doctor to keep her secret in tact. During high school and college, Kelly did not date; preferring to concentrate on her studies. As a consequence, her grades in school were outstanding. From the perspective of a casual observer Kelly was a woman who had everything and not a care in the world. Kellyís fear of men was only half her dark secret. The other half often manifested itself in her dreams or in her day dreams - she was horny! She wanted to be taken and fucked like a sex starved mad woman! Never a day went by that she didnít dream or day dream of being taken by a man. Of course, men did come on to her. . .she was beautiful! Some persisted for some time until finally giving up hope of ever being with her after multiple rejections. She became known as an ice queen to some and others entertained the idea that she was a lesbian! Her reputation became one of a strange individual that was best avoided in
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