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For well over four years I had worked in the same office building as Moyra and during that time we had got to know each other’s tastes in food, music, movies, jokes, etc. Moyra had always been very open and friendly towards me from the very first time she walked into my office. Right away she had introduced herself and she promptly sat on the edge of the desk, swinging her legs as we chatted about all sorts of things, as if we had been friends for twenty years at least. Fairly soon I had learned that she had been married for a number of years, but that the marriage really was not a bed of roses for her. Over many months, as our friendship had deepened, I had listened carefully to both the highs and the lows in her personal life. She became as close as a well-loved sister and a very dear friend, but that all changed one hot and humid February night... Sometime during January she invited me to supper at her apartment on a specific Saturday night in February (just before Valentine’s Day as it so happened)... but, she made me promise strictly not to tell anyone! Particularly as I was to be the only guest (and a heterosexual male at that!) while her husband was away in another city for just that one night! She explained that she owed me “big time” for all sorts of favors and kindnesses that I had offered her (like the occasional trips with me from home to work, or the reverse trip homewards). She really wanted me to have the most perfect supper imaginable and she pressurized me to name my extra special or favorite foods that she would cook and serve for me. Just after sunset on the pre-booked Saturday I arrived at her apartment with a cold bottle of wine in my hand. She welcomed me warmly at the door with a hug and brief kiss. I commented that I really liked the fresh floral perfume that she had used. (Later I had remembered that she usually never bothered to use perfume while at work.) Then she ushered me into the lounge where we chatted while we selected a variety of music. The first two parts of the meal were served up informally and the hours flew past in
Download Hot February Night with Moyra
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