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Dancing Around the May Pole
May is wedding season. I cannot tell you how much Lo despises the month of May for this reason. So many of her girlfriends are taking their vows and “settling down,” but Lola sees it as simply settling. I happen to like the month of May. May reminds me of Lo – for she is May to my December. Like it or leave it, we were invited to a wedding in May. One of Lo’s close girlfriends was marrying one of the guys who, prior to meeting his bride-to-be, had a thing for Lo. Who are we kidding? He still has a thing for Lo. He was one of Lo’s college friends who was lucky enough to go for a long ride with Lo in the car late one night. I told you that tale and so there’s no need to reiterate it again here. Suffice it to say that anyone who has met Lo never forgets her. So, early one Sunday morning Lo and I put on our Sunday best. She wore a slinky black dress with a plunging neckline and also a plunging back revealing that this dress simply could not be worn with a bra. Underneath she wore her little pink thong. Her heels gave her a delightful lift and revealed the curvaceous shape of her instep. We got on the road early and drove through the hilly country-side. It was a beautiful spring morning and all the trees were in their first full blossoming. As we drove along the winding back roads of the New England landscape, Lo put her feet up on the dashboard, hiked up her dress, and started rubbing her clit. “I’ve been horny since last night. You fell asleep so early. I had to troll the posts on Craigslist to find some guy who had his number posted. I found one and luckily he was able to get me off, but it wasn’t enough. God, I’m so fucking horny right now! How the hell am I going to be able to sit through this God-awful ceremony?” Her legs were up and her panties were down around her knees and the oncoming cars could have a perfect view of her crotch if they simply took notice of the passenger area of my car. “Can I go down on you?” she begged. “No!” I said. “These are dangerous
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